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 Our Story 

Hi we're Mark & Ella from The Remarkable Chocolate Co, thanks for visiting us! We love chocolate. Our chocolate has a high cacao content, is rich with a melt in your mouth quality, and combines real and natural ingredients. Best of all, our bars are handcrafted with love, here in New Zealand.

What's important to us?

  • All our bars are handcrafted using small batch production right here in New Zealand - which means the bar you buy is unique to you!
  • All our chocolates are of the highest quality and made using traditional European techniques. 
  • Our raw ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms where possible.
  • We have NO preservatives in our chocolate and our ingredients contain NO gluten and NO palm oil.
  • Our 70% Dark couverture chocolate contains NO dairy products.

With that dream in mind we started out making chocolates. We graduated to a commercial kitchen and fell in love with the journey. The commercial kitchen led us to the farmers market, where we were rubbing shoulders with the pros. Still a very small fry, bright eyed and loving every minute!
Before we knew it, customers from all over New Zealand are now able to buy our chocolate at a great selection of retailers.

 Our Chocolate 

Our chocolates use West African cacao beans to create the body of each of our fine chocolates (dark, milk and white). The blend is enriched with fine flavour beans from South America and Asia to add fruitiness, acidity and playful top notes.
The roasting process roasts the whole bean in its natural shell. This traditional method awakens all the great aromas and flavours of the cocoa bean, yet preserves them to be released only in the chocolate.

The cocoa beans are roasted several times. In the first stage, the nibs are ground into liquor. Next, the liquor is further refined in multiple steps until it is extremely fine. The result is a dark, pure cocoa liquor.

All ingredients are pressed and refined until each particle is smaller than the distance between the taste buds. This epitome of fineness will overwhelm your taste buds with the whole flavour of the chocolate, instead of the separate ingredients.

And finally the chocolate is moulded or mixed with fine natural ingredients to make hand crafted, small batch produced, Remarkable Chocolate bars.

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