Where is your chocolate made?

Our chocolate is handmade in our Chocky HQ in Auckland, New Zealand.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We've sourced the best beans from West Africa. Visit the about us page to read more about the process and other ingredients.

Do you have vegan options?

Yes, our 70% dark chocolate is vegan friendly!

How long does your chocolate keep?

info needed

Does your product contain nuts or other food allergens (eg soy, gluten, fruit, etc)?

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What is your shipping policy?


info needed  (short summary of shipping time etc, i will link to shipping page too)


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Can I see the products in real life?

Yes, you can visit us at the next Farmers market X location X date, or see the full schedule here.
You can also buy our products at one of our retailers in New Zealand.

Can I become a retailer?

Please contact us to discuss your needs!


If you have any other questions that need answering, please contact us. We will aim to respond to your query as soon as we can - within 24 hours.