About Us


Mark and Ella here, welcome to the fresh new world of The Remarkable Chocolate Co. We are just out of the farmers markets and bursting onto food market shelves. We hand craft high quality chocolate here in New Zealand using natural, sustainable ingredients wherever we can. 

Our passion is matching high quality chocolate with real ingredients in delicious combinations wrapped in gorgeous packaging, delivering you chocolate that lives up to its remarkable name. All our bars are made in small batches, and hand poured, meaning every bar is unique – just like you! 

Following are the 3 main things we really care about when developing and delivering our remarkable chocolate from us, to you. Sustainability, design and a high quality outstanding taste experience."



Here is our planet, it's the tiny pale blue dot – captured by Voyager 1 in 1990 from a record 6 billion miles away. This dot is where every single person has ever existed, lived, loved, fought and died throughout the entire history of humanity. Currently this dot is the only option we have for our survival. There are no other planets we can currently move to if we ruin this one. While science strives to find alternative planets, the reality is this is the only one we will have for the next few generations at least.

So we need to preserve it and look after it as best we can.

Sustainability is a large and complex challenge. So, in as many ways as possible, we want The Remarkable Chocolate Co to be part of the solution. Here’s what we are doing;

  1. Origin

Our organic chocolate is crafted from single origin cacao beans grown by cacao farmers in Peru. These guys plant, grow and harvest what must surely be some of the finest cacao beans available on the planet. We definitely think so, and that is why we use their beans as the basis for our Remarkable Chocolate Co range of organic chocolates.


  1. Sustainable

Our organic chocolate has gained an independent organic certification. This means that the cacao beans are grown and harvested using sustainable farming practices. No pesticides or insecticides are used. Soil regeneration programmes ensure crops are managed so annual harvests produce high quality beans year after year.

  1. Fairtrade

It is mission critical to us that our farmers are paid a fair trade premium for their beans – which they are. Also the men and and women in the farming collective are paid equally for their labour which is how it should be. There is no forced child labour, a practice which is disturbingly common in other cacao growing regions. Additionally, as part of a development initiative, the farmers are paid in advance for their crops enabling them to invest in equipment and replanting to grow their businesses for the next season. Good for them, good for us, good for the planet, good for you.

  1. Packaging

We think a lot about the packaging we place around our chocolate. We want it to be beautiful, and we want it to be sustainable. So all our cardboard packaging is recyclable. In making our packaging beautiful we actively choose options for finishes and printing processes which do not compromise the recyclability of the packaging. Where we use films, we use compostable films. We understand that not everybody will compost their wrappers, but currently this is the best option for food packaging that requires film – and doing our best is way better than nothing. As better packaging options become available we will use them – in all areas of our business.

  1. Natural

We strive for the least ingredients possible to deliver the deliciousness that is Remarkable. We use natural and whole ingredients wherever possible and choose to go local wherever this is viable.




Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, Smell. It all matters to us.

So we want your chocolate to not only taste remarkable, but also to look remarkable as well.

So we work with some of NZ’s most talented graphic designers in crafting packaging and brand designs which deliver a sophisticated, hip feel to our chocolates.

Our designs feature bold colours to differentiate our recipes. We overlay repeating geometric patterns which change for each recipe and add a sense of occasion to our chocolates.

In 2017 the New Zealand printing industry head honcho’s thought we did an OK job and awarded us a gold pride in print award for our packaging design. 

Thanks printing guys!

We hope you too enjoy the visual impact of our designs.





Small Batch

We make our chocolate in small batches. Small batch means fresh!

You may not think about chocolate as being fresh but it makes an amazing difference. Freshly tempered chocolate has better snap and better melt in your mouth deliciousness. It also means our ingredients are fresher, all adding up to a simply superior taste.


Natural Ingredients

Small batch also means we use more natural ingredients and less preservatives. More of the good stuff, less of the bad stuff, so you know what you are eating. Some of our delicious ingredients just don’t have natural options available currently (marshmallows for example) – but we definitely choose natural every time we have a choice. We also strive for the least number of ingredients possible to deliver our Remarkable deliciousness in each recipe – so it's easy to see and read from our labels what you are eating.


Allergy Aware

We have NO preservatives in our chocolate and our recipes contain NO gluten and NO palm oil. Only one of our ingredients (salted caramel) has dairy and all other flavours are DAIRY FREE.


8 x Awarded in NZ National Chocolate Awards

In 2017, and 2018 we threw our flavours at the mercy of 15 of NZ’s to top chocolate aficionados to be judged against NZ’s finest chocolates at the National Chocolate awards. After a nervous wait we were super proud to have been awarded 8 Awards in the last two years in this highly competitive arena. Thanks, head chocolate guys!




Ready to taste? View our full collection of chocolate here!