Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

How do I track my parcel?

When you place an order online, you are asked to provide an email or contact number. If you choose to leave a contact number, please ensure it is not a landline number, as we cannot contact you through that number. Once we have packed your order, you will receive an email or text message with order confirmation, shipping details and tracking number.

You can contact the courier company if you are experiencing any issues with your parcel. If you still need help resolving the issue with the courier company, feel free to contact us.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Our Chocky HQ is in Auckland, where we pick up and pack all your orders.

Once your package has been dispatched and the courier has collected your package, your order should arrive within 1-3 working days. Please be mindful that with the current COVID environment, couriers are experiencing slight delays. And deliveries could take up to a week.

Where can I buy your product in the North Island?

Head to our stockists it page:

If you have a store that you love and think would be a perfect fit for our delicious chocolate, flick us an email at hello@remarkablechocolate.com. Let us know who it is, and we will reach out to them.

Where can I buy your product in the South Island?

Head To our stockists it page, https://www.remarkablechocolate.com/pages/retailers-1

If you have a store that you love and think would be a perfect fit for our delicious chocolate, flick us an email at hello@remarkablechocolate.com. Let us know who it is, and we will reach out to them.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment. It is something we are currently working on. Hopefully, international shipping will be available within the next couple of months.

We can arrange bespoke shipment if you have a special project that needs to be shipped overseas. If necessary, email us here;


What currency are your prices in?

All our products are priced in NZD. 

Why is a product out of stock? 

As a small business, we make our product in small batches. Sometimes we can sell out of a product before a new batch has been completed. Our products will always be available. Keep an eye out for the product you are after; it should be back in stock relatively soon.

Why aren't all your products ranged at all stores?

Different stores stock different ranges, depending on what they think their customers would like. If your local supermarket or good grocery store doesn't have one of the products, you can ask them to range it or send us a note with the store, and we will email them.

I think something is wrong with my chocolate. What should I do?

Oh no!! 

We are happy to look into that with you. The best way forward is to Email hello@remarkablechocolate.com. Please attach the following to the email 

  • A photo of the product 
  • A photo of the batch date and best-before-date
  • A brief explanation of what has happened
  • Where you purchased the chocolate

 And we will get back to you!!

I'm a store or business and want to buy your chocolate.

To access our wholesale terms, please contact either 
hello@remarkablechocolate.com or tracey@remarkablechocolate.com.
Please provide your store details in the email. 

Are you fair trade certified?

All of our organic products are certified at source and are fairly traded. 

Head to https://www.remarkablechocolate.com/pages/about-us to learn more about our certifications.

How long does your product last?

From the day we make the product, it has a minimum shelf life of 12 months, but depending on which product you have bought, it could be up to 18. All of our best-before dates are stamped/stickered onto the product. 

Is your packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable?

Yes, depending on the range, you can recycle, reuse or home compost our packaging.

We need to reduce packaging waste and minimise its impact on the planet. Across all of our chocolate products, we have carefully thought through how you can recycle, reuse or compost each packet. Depending on the range, you can recycle, reuse or home compost our packaging. 

We know we are still in progress, but we are working through a process of continuous improvement to all reduce packaging waste. This page https://www.remarkablechocolate.com/pages/about-us has more information about recycling, reusing, and home composting our packaging.

Is your chocolate vegan? 

Yes, seven products from our everyday range are naturally vegan.

Luxury 150g Bars

  • 70% Luxury dark chocolate

Organic 32g & 80g Bars

  • Organic 56% Dark Chocolate Bar | Mint and Crispy Wafers
  • Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar | Raspberry
  • Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 
  • Organic 56% Dark Chocolate Bar | Roasted Hazelnuts & Zesty Orange


  • Organic Dark Chocolate Bark | Hazelnut & Orange Zest 
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Bark | Almond & Popped Quinoa

Is your chocolate allergy friendly?

All of our chocolate is made carefully with gluten-free ingredients.

For any other allergy enquiries, please look at each product's list of ingredients and allergen statement. A range of our products have been designed to cater for vegans, coeliacs and other (free from) dietary requirements.

It is important to note that we share facilities; therefore, there is always an allergen risk. We take great care in manufacturing our chocolate products to be as allergen safe as possible.

This is very important to us as we have allergy issues in our own family. We know all about Anaphylaxis, Coeliac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes.
Therefore, we have created something in our range for everyone. We can cater to GF/NF/DF/SF/Vegan and RSF dietary requirements.

If you need specific help, just message us on the chat or email us.

Do you have a sugar free bar? 

We do not make a sugar-free chocolate bar. If you are looking for one of our products that has less sugar, then always opt for a higher cocoa percentage. For example, our 70% cocoa range is naturally lower in sugar.

Our main Organic Range is refined sugar-free, using raw sugar from Peru or the Dominican republic.

What certifications does your chocolate have?

Our Organic Range is certified organic and certified fair trade. 

Where does your Cacao come from?

We source our Organic Range from co-ops in Peru and the Dominican Republic. Our Luxury 150g Bars also use blends from the Ivory Coast.
But primarily use organic cacao from Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Where is your chocolate made?

We make all of our chocolate here in New Zealand. 

Is your chocolate cooking/baking friendly?

Of course, and here is a baking tip! Since we don't add any additional fats, oils or emulsifiers, you will find the chocolate has a different melting point than some mainstream baking compound chocolate products. 

How do you make your chocolate?

We make our chocolate the old-fashioned way, primarily by hand and in small batches. Using mindfully sourced and delicious ingredients.

We don't have any high-tech packaging machines or large factory technologies. As a result, much love and hard work go into individually making and packaging delicious and beautiful chocolate for you.

Does your dark chocolate contain milk?

No, there are no milk ingredients in our dark chocolate. However, we incorporate salted caramel into a couple of our products containing dairy, e.g. Ginger & Salted Caramel Bark. Although our dark chocolate doesn't have milk, the caramel contains dairy.

Why does chocolate sometimes have white spots/marks?

If you have opened your chocolate and it has white residue on it. That is called If you have opened your chocolate with a white coating on the bar's surface, there is no need to worry. This is called bloom, a process caused by changes in the crystals in the chocolate. The chocolate is still perfect for eating and will taste the same.

There are two types of bloom, fat bloom and sugar bloom. Fat bloom is caused by changes in the fat crystals. This is often a result of the chocolate being exposed to warmer temperatures, causing the cocoa butter or natural oils found in nuts to soften and separate from the other ingredients.

Sugar bloom results from crystals forming by the action of moisture on the sugar. This is often a result of the chocolate being exposed to moist conditions. Moisture collects on the surface of the chocolate and draws out the sugar. When the moisture evaporates, it leaves behind white sugar crystals on the surface, creating the bloom!

Bloom comes down to the temperature and environment in which you store your chocolate. The chocolate is safe to eat; if you want, you can remelt the chocolate to remove the discolouration caused by the bloom.

How are you sustainable?

There is no Planet B!  So we need to look after this one.

Sustainability is a large and complex challenge. So, in as many ways as possible, we want The Remarkable Chocolate Co. to be part of the solution to reduce harm and leave things better than we found.

Here’s what we are doing:

  • Origin

Our organic chocolate is crafted from single-origin cacao beans grown by cacao farmers in Peru and the Dominican Republic. These small co-ops plant, grow and harvest with utmost care. Producing some of the finest cacao beans available on the planet.

We definitely think so, which is why we use their beans as the basis for our Remarkable Chocolate Co. Organics Range.

  • Sustainable

Our organic chocolate has gained an independent organic certification. This means that the cacao beans are grown and harvested using sustainable farming practices. No pesticides or insecticides are used. Soil regeneration programmes ensure crops are managed, so annual harvests produce high-quality beans year after year.

  • Fairly traded

Our farmers are paid a fair trade premium for their beans. Men and women are also paid equally for their labour, which is how it should be. There is no forced child labour, a practice that is disturbingly common in other cacao-growing regions. Additionally, as part of a development initiative, the farmers are paid in advance for their crops for the next season. Good for them, good for us, good for the planet, good for you.

  • Packaging

We think a lot about the packaging that our chocolate is wrapped in. We want it to be beautiful and sustainable. With this thought in mind, all the cardboard packaging around our chocolates is recyclable, and our Organic Bar Range packaging is home compostable.

Creating compostable home packing is very important to us, and we believe using suitable packing is a step that we can take to help reduce single-use plastic consumption within New Zealand.

A healthy compost bin consists of heat, oxygen, water, carbon, soil and air. These conditions provide the best environment for decomposition within your compost bin. If your compost has enough of these active components, then our packaging should take only a few months to break down.

Our compostable home packaging is made specifically to be broken down at lower temperatures in comparison to commercial compostable packaging. This allows you to easily compost by packing in your compost bin as opposed to getting your compost collected. All you need to do is put your empty organic chocolate packaging in your compost bin. It really is that simple.

In making our packaging beautiful, we actively choose options for finishes and printing processes that do not compromise the recyclability of the packaging. In some cases, this isn’t possible. But our long-term goal is to minimise our impact on the planet. We also print locally in New Zealand where we can.

  • Natural

We strive for the least ingredients possible to deliver the deliciousness that is Remarkable. We use natural and whole ingredients wherever possible and choose local wherever this is viable. Check out our raspberries and hazelnuts, which are all locally grown!

  • Small Batch

We make our chocolates in small batches, which means the chocolates that you enjoy our fresher than the rest (yay!) You may not think chocolate is fresh, but it makes an amazing difference. Freshly tempered chocolate has a better snap and melts quickly in your mouth. It also means our ingredients are fresher, adding to a simply superior taste.

  • Natural Ingredients

Small batch also means we use more natural ingredients and fewer preservatives. More of the good stuff, less of the bad stuff, so you can feel good about what you are eating. Some of our delicious ingredients just don’t have natural options available currently (marshmallows for example) – but we definitely choose natural every time we have a choice. We also strive for the least number of ingredients possible to deliver our Remarkable deliciousness in each recipe – so it's easy to see and read from our labels what you are eating.

What do I do if I have a query, concern or comment about your product? 

Don't hesitate to message our website chat platform located in the lower right-hand corner of the website. You can also contact us at hello@remarkablechoclate.com